Mosaic Family Success Center Offers Caregivers Connection Series

By: Alyssa Tritschler, Volunteer and Community Partnership Coordinator, Mosaic Family Success Center

The stress of everyday life tends to take away from many individuals’ time and need to take care of themselves. This reality becomes even greater as a caregiver. Caring for a loved one can be rewarding and crucial to a better life for another individual, but with all great things there are obstacles to face. One area lacking in many caregivers’ lives is the time to relax and take a minute to themselves. At the Mosaic Family Success Center, we are looking to change that.

Every year, Mosaic Family Success Center’s Parent and Community Advisory Board members come together to form an initiative. The initiative focuses on a need in the local community that must be addressed. This year, the need for caregivers support appeared greater within Glassboro, NJ.

“I love reaching out and helping people. I want our community to be strong, healthy, and knowledgeable,” said Nicole Phillips, Parent and Community Advisory Board member. “I am passionate because I am a caretaker of a child with special needs and I know what we caretakers go through. We need to learn to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our loved ones,” Phillips stated when asked why she is passionate about the board’s initiative.

On Tuesday, April 25th, the center held Caregivers Connection: Caring for Children with Special Needs. The workshop addressed several core areas including respite options, family support, the New Jersey System of Care aging out process, guardianship, community resources, and the NJ CAT, a state assessment required to receive a tier budget.

“I volunteered my services because as a mother of a special needs adult, I can tell you firsthand what it is like when you are unable to get the needed rest that prepares you for the next day of care,” said Dionne Haynes of Family Support Organization. Haynes also founded her own nonprofit organization, the Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, in honor of her son.

Looking ahead, the center will be hosting Caregivers Connection: Caring for Aging Adults on Thursday, May 25th from 5:30PM-6:30PM. Joining as a volunteer workshop leader is Leona G. Mather, Executive Director of Senior Services for Gloucester County, NJ. Mather will be highlighting the senior programs and resources available to aging adults and their caregivers during the workshop.

“This summer the Mosaic Family Success Center will be hosting a Caregivers Retreat. The retreat will provide an opportunity for caregivers to learn the importance of self-care and a variety of ways to practice healthy lifestyle choices. We will be announcing the details at a later date, so keep in touch with us for more information,” said Gina Hoffman, Program Supervisor of Mosaic Family Success Center.

To register for Caregivers Connection: Caring for Aging Adults or express interest in Caregivers Retreat, contact Mosaic Family Success Center at 856-347-4338 or


2 thoughts on “Mosaic Family Success Center Offers Caregivers Connection Series”

  1. Maribel says:

    I’m a Family Worker at Mi Casita Day Care Center. Do you have a Family Success Center closed to Camden City or Pennsauken NJ.

    1. Caitlin Graham says:

      Hi Maribel,

      We don’t currently have a Family Success Center in Camden City or Pennsauken, but we do have two in Camden County. Our Orchards Family Success Center is located in Sicklerville. Their website is if you wish to find out more information. We also have our Connections Family Success Center, which holds programs at two different locations in Pine Hill. Their main number is 856-562-5927. You can also call our main number at 856-881-8689 to learn more about all of our programs.

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