Mobile Response and Stabilization Services

Mobile Response and Stabilization Services provide crisis outreach to children and youth who are experiencing escalating emotional or behavioral health issues. Workers respond in order to diffuse an immediate crisis and keep children safe and stable within their homes. Interventions include de-escalation, service linkage, and short term stabilization management.  The Mobile Response team also provides […]

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Atlantic County Council for Young Children

Atlantic County Council for Young Children provides parents, caregivers, and community members with an opportunity to improve the Health and Education outcomes for children from birth through 8 years of age. Atlantic CCYC educates families through workshops and trainings specific to their needs. Parent leadership opportunities and initiatives are community driven. The Council meets regularly […]

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Family Success Centers

Family Success Centers are community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering places where community residents go for family support, interactive workshops, activities, and groups. Family Success Centers are beautiful spaces designed to bring the community together to build relationships, strengthen the community and the families in it.  They are places where residents and volunteers share their time and […]

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